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This residency concludes with a multi-day conference, featuring additional guest speakers and an opportunity to connect with writers, editors, and publishers. Meals and lodging for the four residencies are included in tuition. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements. This course explores the role of the Christian artist in culture. Students will study how great Christian thinkers have thought about culture and art throughout church history and be challenged to understand their vocation as writers from a biblical perspective. Students will also develop an understanding of how to live out their faith through their work as they seek to affect the culture around them.

Study with experienced authors or poets, exploring the creative works that have inspired or shaped their writing. Topics will vary at each residency depending on the instructor and may also take into account the genres and mediums of interest to the current cohort of students.

Master of Fine Arts - Creative Writing

Cross-disciplinary courses in fiction, poetry, and cinema will be offered. A study of the techniques available to writers of poetry or fiction. In Poetry Techniques, students will examine the various uses of form, metaphor, symbolism, meter, and narrative in poems. In Fiction Techniques, students will examine the various uses of person, character, voice, dialogue, detail, and plot.

Writing workshops in which students will create and revise original works of poetry or fiction or in certain cases, other genres such as creative non-fiction. Over the course of the semester students will learn to critically assess their own work as well as the work of their peers. Students select one medium to specialize in for 12 hours and are required to take at least one cross-disciplinary course.

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This course is a capstone experience for students. In this course, students will reflect upon what they have learned in all previous courses. WRIT will also prepare students to begin their thesis. Under the direction of a faculty mentor, students will write and defend a faculty-approved creative writing thesis.

A writing workshop in which students will create and revise original works of literary non-fiction. A writing workshop in which students will create and revise original works of memoir and personal narrative. A writing workshop in which students will learn the craft of criticism and review writing. Workshop-Based Mentoring The MFA in Creative Writing places a strong emphasis on practice and feedback, using rigorous faculty-led workshops throughout the program.

Study from Anywhere The MFA in Creative Writing is offered as a low-residency program, requiring six weeks of Texas-based instruction across four writers retreats, supplemented by year-round online workshops that can be completed from anywhere in the world. Learn from the Best Each biannual residency features notable professional writers. Strong Christian Foundation HBU is committed to providing a learning experience that instills a passion for academic, spiritual and professional excellence as a result of our Christian convictions.

Admissions Requirements Personal Statement — Please submit a personal statement, between and words, sharing your desire to attend the HBU Graduate School and how you feel a degree from HBU will assist you in your academic and professional careers. Writing Portfolio — Please submit a portfolio containing examples of your writing to The Graduate School. Your writing sample must be at least pages in length for poetry or pages in length for fiction, which may contain one story, multiple stories or excerpts.

Additional work from other genres may be included as well. Request Information. It covers all aspects of fiction writing through intensive workshops, classes in craft, courses in special topics, manuscript consultations, and individual conferences. Each term begins with an intense, weeklong residency consisting of inaugural lectures on literature, craft, and language; readings by a series of noted visiting writers; and panels made up of literary agents and editors.

For updated information about upcoming residencies and visiting writers, as well as program news, visit our Facebook page. Each weeklong residency consists of inaugural lectures on literature, craft, and language; readings by a series of noted visiting writers; and panels made up of literary agents and editors advising on the business of the writing life.

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Upon graduation, students may expect to have a portfolio of substantial work with detailed responses from mentors, as well as letters of reference from these mentors. Accessible and Connected "The MFA is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow and prosper without having to commit to a full-time schedule, all the while maintaining a connection with like-minded individuals who will provide much needed advice in a writing-intensive setting twice a year.

Individualized Curriculum and Program Customization "In this program, I have worked on several books in different genres, short stories, and flash fiction. All the assignments are specifically catered to each student, and the students have a strong influence on what they study.

What is an MFA in Creative Writing?

Inspiring Faculty and Visiting Writer Mentors "I've had a diverse array of mentors—proven authors—who have guided my progression as a writer. We worked with authors who possess specific strengths in writing and who endeavor to instill those strengths in us. It's something new each time. Focus on Learning the Craft of Writing "Undoubtedly, I would recommend this program to someone who identifies as an 'emerging writer.

I had no idea what 'craft' was. As someone who didn't know everything and as someone who allowed for critique, I vastly benefited from what this program could throw at me. That first good cry you have as a writer realizing you are so far away from success is only made sweeter by the earned positive feedback you receive later on.

I'm grateful to the program for showing me the way, but also for challenging me at every step. Energizing Residencies "The low residency format of the MFA program gives me enough time and space to write and develop an individual connection with my mentors. The residencies are like a shot of caffeine; they re-energize and refocus my work.

Spending days focused on craft alongside other writers is uniquely stimulating. There is so much energy and collaboration during the residencies that every one is memorable. Candidates seeking admissions to the MFA in Creative Writing should possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.

The review process will focus largely in the candidate's writing sample submitted with the application for admission. There is no application deadline. Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Once an application is complete, an admissions decision will be released in weeks.

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All new MFA candidates admitted to the program will be required to begin with a residency. Two will be offered annually—Summer July and Winter January. The Western New England University low-residency MFA program combines biannual, five-day residencies followed by individualized online mentorships. Established authors teach students how to read and think about fiction from a craft perspective. A fifth non-required residency is offered to graduating students at no tuition cost.

As part of the requirements for the degree, students complete many drafts and revisions, producing a substantial manuscript of original work in fiction by the end of the program. Mentorship by an award-winning visiting author helps our MFA students develop as writers and hone their craft. Summer residencies are held on campus; winter residencies will alternate between the Berkshires and Dublin. What was your inspiration for this novel—were you influenced by other authors and works; did you draw from personal experiences?

I grew up on the last unpaved road in a rural town in Massachusetts in the early s. If life were a Venn Diagram, I would say a large part the pie chart of my understanding of myself and language and the way people talked to, or at, one another came from this place. I think one of my largest senses of self was developed there. To me, rural living is the least lonely place.

writzututife.ml There is a sense of connection with the world and the ecosystem that surrounds us, which echoes my sense that some of the most powerful voices are not necessarily those that love urban living, though there are a lot of those too. Because composition, at its heart, is about everyday normal people writing about things they observe.

I feel similarly about Jane Jacobs. She was not an architect or an urbanist or even a journalist. People who simply write about things because they can. Their sense of permission. I love the music these writers make. Place the last dirt road in a rural New England town was essential in White Nights.

Or, is it a meditation on misconceptions—rurality vs. However, yours gets it best. To me, the voice of White Nights is about capturing a sort of rurality that is omnipresent yet often goes under represented in fiction. I think there is an element of truth to some of the talk about the outcome of the recent election. What most of educated, liberal, urban America or any combination of those three forgets is that rural America exists—they too want to have a voice.

Even in the North, take a drive around Vermont, or New Hampshire. As a die-hard progressive, while I may not agree with the politics of these places, I understand the kind of concerns the people here have and why, say a third-generation dairy farmer who has to sell his acreage to weekenders from the city just to survive as the price of milk plummets, might feel overlooked.

Also, this has everything to do with economic class. I always tell my students the best way to draw a character is to draw the outline of what defeats them.

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What they come up against. Their rotten lot.

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