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Jack finds himself envying Tyler's view of life and the relative freedom it grants him. He watches Tyler stand up and sneak his way into the first class section of the airplane. When Jack arrives at his apartment building he finds that his unit has been blown up.

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His belongings line the lawn in front of the building. He finds Marla's number amongst the ashes and calls her but hangs up without saying anything. He pulls Tyler's business card from his pocket and gets in touch with him. They meet at a bar where, over the course of three pitchers of beer, Tyler rejects the consumerism and product worship that have come to permeate Jack's life.

The two men leave the bar and step into the parking lot. Jack says he should find a hotel. Tyler tells him he can stay with him, but that he needs a favor. Jack launches into a voice-over recounting Tyler's life.

We see that Tyler works night jobs as a projectionist where he splices single frames of pornography into family films and a banquet waiter where he serially befouls the food with his bodily fluids. Returning to the parking lot scene, Jack finally and reluctantly winds up and punches Tyler.

Tyler returns with a punch to Jack's gut.


S/cene [2]: Fight Club

The two men then engage in a sloppy but spirited fight. The Parker-Morris Building is the starting and ending setting in the book. As Tyler holds a gun to the inside of the narrator's mouth, the Mischief Committee of Project Mayhem is busy destroying the inside and preparing for its destruction. The dilapidated house on Paper Street is Tyler Durden's house. Jack moves into the house after his condo is destroyed by an explosion. The house is practically condemned. The only neighbors are a closed machine shop and a block-long warehouse.

A past tenant collected magazines, so there are stacks piled high in the basement and almost every room. The house becomes the headquarters and training ground for Project Mayhem members. Mangkorn Eng. Search this site. Fight Club Drama Analysis. He starts out as the Narrator's friend but becomes the main antagonist when the Narrator realizes that he and Tyler are actually the same person and that Tyler is a persona adopts. These meetings allow him to cry and accept the pain and misery of his everyday life. Because he can cry, he can also sleep. Jack suffers from insomnia. This drove him to seek medical treatment.

The doctor he saw was not so sympathetic and instead of giving him sleep aids, he advised Jack to visit the support group for men with testicular cancer.

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After attending all these meetings for some time and feeling more content with his existence, Jack's reality is shaken when Marla Singer, a woman, suddenly begins attending the testicular cancer group. Jack sees her at all of his other meetings too.

She is completely disease-free as well. With her present in the room, Jack cannot cry and so he cannot sleep. He fantasizes about telling her off and finally confronts her at one of the meetings. She is not intimidated by him at all. She finally agrees to split up the week of meetings with Jack so they do not have to run into each other anymore.

Jack obtains Marla's phone number in case they ever have to reschedule. Tyler and Jack engage in more fights over the coming days and they soon attract the attention of other 'tough guys'. Finding their little fighting group growing, Tyler establishes a formal 'fight club' in the basement of the bar where they had their first fight.

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Membership quickly increases and Tyler and Jack fashion a series of rules, the first two being 'you do not talk about fight club. Time and again, Tyler proves his insightful, if unorthodox and immoral, views on life. Jack meets up with Marla by chance, telling her that he hasn't attended any other meetings because he's joined a new support group for men only. While he still treats her with mild contempt, it's clear that he considers her with interest.

When she overdoses on Xanax, she calls Jack who, tired of her rambling, sets the phone down.

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He discovers later that Tyler picked up the phone, followed the call to Marla's home, and brought her back to the house where they engaged in sexual activities, much to Jack's disgust. The next morning in the kitchen, Marla finds Jack, who is astonished to see her in his house. After she leaves, Tyler enters the kitchen and reveals that he and Marla had sex the night before.

He also gravely makes Jack promise that he'll never mention Tyler to Marla. That night Jack joins Tyler while he steals human fat out of the dumpster of a liposuction clinic. Tyler says that the best fat for making the soap he sells comes from human beings. Back in their kitchen, Tyler shows Jack how to render tallow from the fat. After explaining a bit about the history of soap making, Tyler plants a wet kiss on the back of Jack's hand and dumps pure lye on the spot, causing a horrific chemical burn.

Tyler refuses to let Jack wash the lye off his hand, saying that water will worsen the burn, and tells Jack that the burn is a rite of passage -- Tyler has burned his own hand in an identical way. Tyler also forces Jack to accept allegiance to him and then neutralizes the burn with vinegar. Later, when they meet with a cosmetics salesperson at a department store, Jack remarks that Tyler's soap sells for a very high price.

With Jack, he holds a college dropout at gunpoint and threatens to kill him if he doesn't pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian. He allows Lou, the owner of the bar where their fight club is held, to beat him up before coughing blood all over him and demanding to stay in the basement. Does anyone know who sings it? This song continues to play while we see the group doing their tasks. It's also playing just after "Jack" finds out his apartment has gone boom.

When you see Jack and Tyler walk into the bar when they first start Fight Club in the basement, what is the name of the song playing in the background? When Tyler hands out assignments during project mischief, and you see Jack and Tyler smacking cars with bats, and then the limo runs over the spikes, what song is that playing in the background? It's kind of like a techno theme. What's the music playing at the very end when Tyler and Jack are talking up in the building? Some kind of drum beat mix, it's right before Jack shoots himself.

I know which one you mean It's on the official soundtrack.

Listen for the last song, and you should be fine. It's called "Corporate World.

Personal Data Collected

What is the song playing when Tyler goes to the first meetings and he starts to to cry on Meatloaf? Then he starts to sleep for a while, before Marla Gets into the picture. What's playing when the scene shifts between the depiction of Jack's apartment exploding and Jack calling Tyler for help? Try track 1. It's on the soundtrack. What is the song playing when Jack beats himself up in front of his boss? Actually, the song's called "Space Monkeys," that part kicks in about midway through the song. What's the song playing when Jack says somewhere in the beginning of the movie "babies don't sleep this well"?

Who wrote the song that starts right before Marla enters the protagonist's life while he is leaving the meeting place? It sounds like some kind of groove.